Jan. 12th, 2013

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So, this is a TV Show that just started airing in The States. (Avail on hulu)

I was hooked within 2 minutes. But then, I'm a crime drama junkie. Still, I can already tell that I will be ficcing this. Joanna is a straight up boss! cut for potential spoilers )

But really, it's got an interesting premise. I always like when they find some new twist to take. And believe me, if there were more hours in the day, I'd be squeeing about even more crime dramas (still have to start Elementary and Revenge. And god, I miss Numb3rs.... SO HARD.) But I'm losing my train of thought.

So, I'm only a portion into the pilot, but here's the plot: Joanna Locasto (Detective, SF, CA) goes undercover to investigate the death of her best friend, a socialite in one of America's richest families. And ironically, the people she grew up with because her mom worked there (capacity not fully fleshed out yet.)

So, crime drama: win. Undercover: win. Strong protagonist female: WIN!!!!

I haven't been this excited about a show since Life with Sarah Shahi who was also in The L Word as Carmen and is *pride* from my home town! (And oh god, just read that Sarah is in Chicago Fire. Guess I have to re-try that show. I'm a hard sell. If I can't get through episode 1, (ahem, TW, I'm talking to you.) then I move on.)

So, yes. Deception. WATCH IT!!!! ♥

(And this is what I will officially use for day 11.)
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