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Groaning, he bit even harder and began worrying the skin between his teeth, intent on leaving a mark that they both could see. So they’d both know who Neville belonged to. And who owned Blaise. At the same time, his hand kept moving on Neville’s length, enjoying the vampire completely.

Smiling, Neville took the praise to heart and let it sink in. Blaise sure had a way with words, but he had known that since the blond had approached him so bluntly. It was perfect.

The way Blaise insisted on the bite was amazing; he felt heat all over because of it, so intense that he was overwhelmed. “Yes...” he sighed, fangs indenting his lip as he tugged on Blaise’s hair. He was so close he could taste it.

Blaise tugged on Neville’s length even faster, even harder. The vampire had such a sexy moan and he wanted to hear more of it.

Biting harder, he ensured there was a dark mark before pulling back and groaning. “My Master. No one else can claim you or be owned by you.” His tone was possessive as he licked over the mark he’d left and stroked Neville at a furious pace.

Arching, Neville tilted his head back and moaned as he came. It felt good to let the pressure ease, leaving a mess all over the blond’s talented fingers.

He didn’t know if it was the bite, or just that he loved the fact Blaise didn’t want him to leave the bed at all. No matter the reason, there was conviction in his eyes when he turned around to face Blaise and kiss him hard. “Your turn.” he said in a low tone, “Show me how much you want me.” he challenged with a fanged smile.

Blaise moaned into the kiss. He loved the feeling of Neville’s fangs immensely.

When Neville told him that, he moaned and nodded. Rolling onto his back, he kicked the covers out of the way violently and then spread his legs. His cock was jutting away from his body proudly, and he looked down at it with a moan. “This is what you do to me, Master,” he breathed. Then he wrapped his fingers around it and began to stroke himself slowly, reaching down to tug and squeeze his own balls while moaning, “Yours.”

Neville couldn’t get enough of looking at Blaise, hot and aroused all for him. It was a huge turn-on, the way the blond made it so obvious that he was in need. Neville liked fooling around under the blanket just as much as this kind of display.

He didn’t touch at first, but then he reached out and turned Blaise’s face towards his so he could look into his eyes. “Don’t stop.” he reminded, fingers stroking Blaise’s jawbone as he let his tongue tease Blaise’s bottom lip. After coaxing him again and again into an almost-kiss, Neville let his fangs scrape Blaise’s lip enough to draw blood before kissing him fully.

Blaise whimpered as he was teased over and over again. The almost-kisses made him weak and he was close to begging when his bottom lip was scraped like that and he was finally granted a kiss that was full of the taste of his own blood.

Blaise continued to stroke himself, legs trembling a bit as he held them wide apart. He felt so much need and wanted to climax but he also wanted to give the other male a proper show and enjoy the kiss and being the center of attention.

Neville moved closer, intrigued by the feeling of Blaise shaking like that. He broke the kiss gradually, nuzzling the blond’s cheek gently and nipping lightly at his throat. So much to enjoy.

“So gorgeous...” he complimented, smoothing his hand over Blaise’s chest. The feel of Blaise’s accelerated heartbeat under his fingertips was wonderful.

Blaise moaned and arched into the touches. The compliment made him melt and Blaise canted his hips up into his own fist. He needed just a bit more.

The nuzzling and nipping made him groan and when his chest was touched, he lost it and fell over the edge. “Master!” Collapsing against the bed, he licked his own hand clean and then sighed. “Good morning.”

“Good morning.” Neville answered, laughing and kissing Blaise again. When he felt he had tasted enough of the blond’s climax in the middle of the kiss, he pulled back and smiled.

“Now you’ll eat.” he said decidedly, sitting up and finding his glasses to put on, “When do you work today?”

“I don’t work until later this afternoon. I wish I didn’t have to work at all so I could stay with you all day,” Blaise murmured after a kiss that turned his insides into goo.

Those glasses were so attractive and Blaise smiled up at the vampire, lazy. “You’re sure we can’t cuddle more?” He was a fan of cuddling all day. “You have to study, ne?”

Neville paused, smiling wryly. He hoped that soon Blaise would know all about his money and wouldn’t need to worry about work, unless that bored him.

“I want to cuddle more.” he assured, “But you’re mine to take care of now... that means you need to eat. And if you don’t eat, we have to wait longer before I can drink from you again.” he pointed out, stroking Blaise’s neck gently.

“Today’s exam is the easiest, luckily.” Neville grinned, “I’m not as worried about this one as the others...”

Blaise shivered when Neville stroked his neck like that. The statement and the possessive reminder made him weak-kneed and he nodded. “Yes, sir. I’ll eat.”

“Oh? I’m glad! I want to be there for you every second that I’m not at work so you know I completely.” Blaise sat up and nuzzled Neville’s shoulder, kissing the mark he’d left. “I think I have eggs I could make...”

“I’m cooking.” Neville said simply, shaking his head. He wanted to do it for Blaise, to provide for him a little bit. Regretfully he moved away from the futon, pulling his boxers back on and heading into the kitchen.

After taking quick stock of the ingredients available, he decided to make an omelet. Cutting up some of the vegetables, he soon found himself feeling very at home in such a small apartment. Hopefully Blaise wouldn’t mind the fact his place was much bigger.

“Oh.” Blaise stared, blushed, and smiled. He liked that Neville wanted to take care of him.

Getting up, he walked over near the stove to watch. He had to admit that he enjoyed the sight of Neville cooking for him and after setting the low table in his apartment, he knelt nearby, watching carefully.

Neville finished with the vegetables and then got out the eggs, a large bowl, and a pan. It took a little trial and error to get everything he wanted, but that happened too in his own kitchen. The ‘grace’ that blessed most vampires all the time only applied to him now and then, but he was okay with that.

He realized that Blaise was out of reach, and he didn’t like that. Glancing at the blond, he made a beckoning motion, hoping that it went over well without anything said.

Blaise noticed the beckoning motion and crawled over closer to be in reach. The unspoken command made him a bit aroused and he rubbed his cheek against Neville’s hip bone.

“You cook really well. Better than I do.” Blaise chuckled. “My talented Master. You’re going to call that person for advice later, ne?”

Smiling, Neville started cracking eggs into the bowl as the pan heated up. He seasoned the eggs and added the vegetables to the bowl, tossing quickly before he poured most of the mixture into the pan. He would eat one too, but Blaise would have the bigger one since he actually needed the food.

“I make a lot of mistakes.” Neville said, reaching down to play with Blaise’s hair, “Yeah, I’ll call him. After breakfast!” he smiled, minding the eggs.

Blaise smiled and leaned into the touch.

“It’s okay to make mistakes. Food is just food.” Blaise tilted his head and kissed Neville’s hip. He enjoyed kneeling beside Neville and waiting. He didn’t know why exactly, but it was calming and arousing at the same time.

“Food for you is special food.” Neville countered, chuckling. He turned the omelet in the pan, waiting until he judged it done before he slid it onto a plate.

“This one is yours.” he smiled, holding the plate out to Blaise after he poured the rest of the egg mixture into the pan.

Blaise smiled when Neville said that. He kissed the vampire’s hip again and then took the plate when it was handed to him.

After a moment and another nuzzle, he murmured “Thank you.” Then he stood and headed to the table, sitting down and cutting his omelet so he’d be ready to eat.

“You’re welcome.” Neville said, happy that Blaise seemed excited about the food. He finished making his own omelet and then joined the blond at the low table, twirling his fork playfully.

“So will you come meet me after work?” he asked, “I should study tonight, but I want to be with you...” he said, starting to eat.

Blaise began to eat as well, and smiled. “Un. I’ll call you after work and then come meet you wherever you are after I shower again so I don’t smell like pizza. I could even bring pizza if you want food.”

“This is really good,” Blaise murmured after a few bites. “Really, really good.” He felt spoiled.

“Will you eat it with me?” the vampire asked hopefully, “I still like food a lot, even if I don’t really need it...” he said thoughtfully. But he didn’t want to make Blaise eat pizza if he was sick of it after working all day.

“I’m glad you like it. But the next time I cook, I’ll feed you.” Neville said decidedly, liking the idea very much.

“Yes, I’ll eat it with you. I love pizza. I have it often,” Blaise grinned. “Part of why I work out so often. I had to get a gym membership, but it’s worth it.”

“Oh? By hand?” Blaise stared and moaned slightly around his mouthful. “Like, while I’m kneeling?” He liked the idea a lot, cock perking up. He bit his bottom lip once his mouth was empty and let himself cool down before starting to eat again.

“Okay. Then bring pizza.” Neville said with a nod, pleased that he would have dinner with Blaise to look forward to tonight.

“By hand. When you’re kneeling, or with your head in my lap...” he said with a smile, finishing his omelet since it was much smaller than Blaise’s. He knew that the blond was excited by what he had just said, and that pleased him.

Blaise smiled. “I’ll bring pizza.”

“Oh.... yes. I... I’d like that.” Blaise blushed and bit his lip again. He couldn’t help but be excited and seduced by the idea of Neville taking such good care of him. “You’ll be a very good Master, Master,” he murmured softly before finishing his omelet as well. When he was done, he stood and took their plates to the sink, washing everything.

Neville grinned, liking the compliment just as much as the view. He wanted to stay here with Blaise all day, cuddling and touching. But he knew he couldn’t.

It was difficult, but somehow he eventually got redressed and kissed Blaise goodbye for now, taking his backpack and heading home to shower and change before a brief study session. His exam went well, and he found a quiet place to sit after he was done to call Remus before his next class. Hopefully the older vampire wasn’t busy...

Blaise wished Neville could stay with him all day and cuddle in bed. After giving the vampire another blow job, they both got dressed and he got ready to go to the gym before heading to work.

When his phone rang, Remus stared at the infernal thing and grumbled. He pulled Harry in closer and was tempted to just roll over and cuddle and ignore the shrill noise, but then he noticed that it was a young vampire and they rarely called him.

Sighing, Remus flipped open the phone. “Hello. What do you need, youth?” He was straight to the point while pulled Harry even closer, cuddling.

“I’m sorry to bother you.” Neville said, stumbling a bit over his Japanese since he didn’t use it very often, “You’re the only person I trust enough to ask advice...” he explained, biting his lip.

“I met someone, a human... I want to own him properly.” he explained, hopeful that Remus would be able to help him.

“Neville,” Remus murmured. Leaning over, he kissed Harry’s cheek and then sat up for a moment so he could focus better.

“You want to own him properly? How do you feel around him? How does he smell to you? Does he want to be owned too?” Remus thought these were very important questions.

“He... well, he approached me, and I didn’t expect that.” Neville said honestly, smiling when he thought of how Blaise had come up to him and begged for attention like that, “He smells like a sweet candy I’ve never been able to taste before. I want to keep him close to me and not let him go.”

Even now, in-between classes, he thought about Blaise. It wasn’t like he thought the blond would cheat or anything, but he still had an urge to leave marks of claim all over him so nobody else would be foolish enough to hit on Blaise.

“He wants to be mine. But,” Neville tried to find the right words in Japanese, “He isn’t very well off. He doesn’t know I have the money that I do, and I’m worried about telling him.” he confessed.

Remus smiled and nodded. His own mate spelled like the most delicious spices in the world and he stole a kiss. “It sounds like you’ve found your mate. Or rather, your mate found you. It seems it often happens that way. They are drawn to us too and less likely to resist their instincts.”

“There is a book I’d like you to read with him. You can also take classes together at the university next semester, but you’ll need to move in together much sooner than that and claim him, especially if you already feel possessive. Do you feel possessive?”

“Also, if he isn’t okay with your money, then just win him over. If he’s okay with you without money, then he’s likely okay with you with money.”

“My mate...” Neville repeated, blushing. He had thought that it was possible, of course, but the idea that he had found his special person so young was shocking. It explained why now it felt strange to be away from Blaise.

“Very possessive.” he confirmed quietly, “I’ll read the book with him, just let me know what it is.” Neville didn’t want to make mistakes with this, and if he and Blaise learned together they could help each other.

“Thank you.” he said, relieved, “I... I trust him, that his feelings won’t change because I can provide for him.” He had just needed to hear that Remus thought along similar lines, because keeping the truth away from Blaise wasn’t right.

Remus smiled and gave the name of the book. “If you’re already very possessive, then it will begin to hurt soon if you don’t claim him completely. The book will explain the ways. It has rituals too that can be followed and you can pick them together.”

“And he, in turn, will provide for you. Share with him, young one. He won’t forsake you if he’s your mate.”

“Okay. I’ll pick it up from the library today.” Neville assured, feeling better that he would have another source of information.

“I hope he won’t.” he murmured, shaking his head, “Thank you... I know you don’t like these phones so much. Maybe we can all visit sometime soon!” he said enthusiastically.

“Good. Read it together,” Remus ordered and then chuckled. “Perhaps. You have a long life ahead after you get done with your schooling.” Remus hung up the phone and laid back down, sinking his fangs into Harry’s neck. “My sweet mate.”

Blaise looked at the clock and smiled. It was finally time to clock out! After doing so, he walked outside and opened his phone, calling Neville. “Master. Where are you? I can come meet you and hold your books while you study.” While waiting for a response, he ordered a pizza for takeout as they had agreed.

Neville hung up from the call, relieved. Checking the time, he rushed to his second class and took copious notes in preparation for that course’s upcoming exam. He needed the review sessions even if some of his classmates had decided to skip it.

His phone rang right after he left the lecture hall and began walking for the library. “I’m going to the library to get a book for us.” he answered with a smile, “Will you come over to my place tonight?” They couldn’t exactly enjoy the pizza in the library anyway.

Blaise smiled brightly. “Really? I would love to! I need to shower first.”

After listening to the directions to the other male’s place, he headed home with the pizza and took a quick shower. He made sure to dress nice, and then he headed out, grabbing clothes for the next day just in case.

Arriving at Neville’s place, he stared at the nice building and then blushed. He couldn’t believe Neville had slummed it in his flat the night before. Obviously the vampire was better off and hopefully he didn’t mind having a poor boyfriend.

Neville headed into the library and found the book Remus had recommended, and a few others just for good measure. He walked from campus to his apartment building, smiling as soon as he saw Blaise.

“Don’t say anything yet.” the vampire ordered, biting his lip, “I didn’t tell you right away about my money because I was worried about how you would think of me. I’m sorry.”

Blaise looked at the other male as he arrived and nodded. He took the backpack and books from the other male, getting everything comfortably settled to carry and then he leave over to kiss Neville’s cheek.

“And I was worried that maybe you didn’t like that I’m poor. I still like you the same, Master. I don’t know why I feel like this but you’re the only one for me. Forever.”

“I don’t care that you don’t have money. The person you are is what matters to me...” Neville said, wanting Blaise to understand. When the blond said those words to him he leaned in, ignoring the pizza box and everything else so he could kiss Blaise happily for the first time in public.

“We’ll talk about why we feel that way for each other.” he explained, “I hope it’s okay if I can spoil you, though...” he said, heading inside. He cut through the lobby and brought Blaise into the elevator, pressing the button for his floor.

Blaise melted into the kiss and then followed the other male, stepping inside the elevator. It was a fancy elevator, and Blaise was very impressed. Maybe his dream of being a kept pet could come true.

“I won’t say ‘no’ to being spoiled,” Blaise murmured with a grin. “You can spoil me and I’ll be obedient in return.”

“I’d spoil you even if you didn’t obey me...” Neville said, shaking his head. When the elevator reached his floor he led Blaise down the hall and then unlocked the door to his apartment. There were only a few on the floor, which meant lots of room for him.

“This is your home too.” he said, taking off his shoes and giving Blaise a grin. “Time for pizza!”

“You would? I still want to obey you though. To show I care.”

“Really? My home too?” Blaise melted when Neville said that. Slipping out of his shoes, he nodded and then looked around quizzically. “Where do you want everything put?”

“We should be together.” Neville reasoned simply, hoping that he hadn’t gotten ahead of himself in telling Blaise that.

“Just in the living room... we can sit on the couch and eat?” he suggested, smiling, “Books and everything there too. You’re very strong...” some of his textbooks were pretty heavy, and Blaise seemed just fine with them.

Blaise smiled. “Does that mean I can move in with you?” His tone was full of hope and wonder.

Nodding, Blaise headed in the direction indicated and set everything down carefully. Then he knelt by the coffee table and opened the pizza box. “Thank you. I want to be strong for you to cuddle you close and night and so I can stay in any position you want me in.”

“I want you to... is that okay?” Neville asked, curious. He wanted to know what Blaise thought before he explained that if they stayed apart for too long that it would be painful.

Sitting on the couch, he picked a piece of pizza that called his name and began eating with a happy sigh. He was a bit lost in the food, and only when he had a full mouthful did he look at the blond with slightly wide eyes.

“Any position?” he mumbled, covering his mouth so he didn’t come off as rude.

Blaise nodded and leaned over to press his face against Neville’s knee. “Thank you. I’d love to move in with you and stay with you forever.”

Blaise picked up a piece of pizza as well, eating carefully while kneeling at Neville’s feel. In response to the question, he nodded. “Un, I’ll do anything to make you happy, Master. It feels right to me to do that. But you said we need to discuss why we feel this way?”

“Forever.” Neville beamed, thrilled that Blaise felt that way even before they talked about it lasting so long. He ate about half of his pizza and then reached into his bag, pulling out the book Remus had recommended - Vampiric Bonds: A Timeless Thesis - and opened it to the page that explained about Mates.

“This... do you know about it?” he asked, showing Blaise the book.

Blaise smiled, glad that Neville was so happy about the prospect of forever. He couldn’t imagine living without him.

Blaise glanced at the page and shook his head before beginning to read aloud, “A vampire will have one mated relationship in their life--at least per current knowledge of this author--and that relationship can be with one or two other individuals. Editor’s Note for the 431st edition: We know this now to be false. Depending on the vampire, they can have a polyamorous mated relationship with multiple others, but the more they are mated to and drawn to, the less stable they are likely to be because of the anxiety of potentially losing their mates. Once all mates are dead, the vampire may have a hard time living on and must not be left alone for months afterward to ensure they are coping.”

“A mate can be found at any time in their life and will be discovered through scent and an intense feeling to possess the other person, regardless of gender, social class, and whether or not they’re human or not.” Blaise paused and looked up. “So, you think we’re mates then? Is that why I feel like this?”

Neville made a mental note to have Blaise read some of his assignments out loud sometimes, since it was easy to focus when listening to that sexy voice. He smiled and nodded, eating another bite of pizza before he answered.

“That’s probably why you approached me how you did... well, it was your style to do it that way anyway, right?” he laughed softly, “But how persistent you were. I think it was because of this. And you smell amazing to me, I can’t really describe it.” he trailed off, nibbling on the crust for a little while.

“Doesn’t it hurt to think of not sleeping in the same bed?” he asked, tilting his head.

Blaise nodded and put down his pizza and the book. Then he moved closer and laid his head in Neville’s lap. “Yes, it does. It makes me want to cry and I’m not the crying type.” He paused before continuing. “It’s why I brought clothes for tomorrow because I hoped you wouldn’t make me leave you. Ever.”

“Even work was hard today. But I felt better once we talked on the phone. So, then what do we have to do?”

Neville finished his pizza and made sure he didn’t have anything on his hands before he began to run his fingers through Blaise’s hair. The thought of the blond crying over it hit him hard, and he felt choked up for a moment.

“Don’t ever leave me.” he said, rubbing the back of Blaise’s neck affectionately, “We have to be together... I’ll claim you, and we’ll learn together.”

“I’ll never leave,” Blaise confirmed, shivered as his neck was rubbed like that. It felt good, affectionate and possessive and he enjoyed it immensely.

“Yes, we have to be. I think that’s why I felt so possessive this morning,” Blaise murmured, blushing. “You’re mine and I’m yours. Forever. will you claim me? Is there a special vampire process? And I always get to sleep in your bed, ne?”

“Forever.” Neville nodded, still rubbing Blaise’s neck. He felt so much better now that he could touch the blond as much as he wanted.

“It just has to be something special for that vampire, and something that we put effort into so it works for us both as a mark. I was thinking a tattoo.” he explained, tugging Blaise’s hair with a little grin, “And sex, lots of that.” he reminded, excited.

“You belong in my bed.” the vampire assured, moving his hand down to rub Blaise’s back.

Blaise chuckled. “I like sex. I would never turn down sex with you. I want you to want me always.” The touches made him shiver and he kissed Neville’s knee affectionately. “I would be glad to wear your tattoo and be yours always. I’d even be okay with the idea of you piercing my nipples!” Blaise grinned and bit Neville’s knee lightly.

“And beside you always, ne? Sleeping in your bed with make it easier to go to work and be without you for so long...” Blaise raised his head and began to eat again, working on finishing his slice of pizza because he needed to stay healthy for Neville.

“Promise? We can look at designs together, but I want to choose it in the end.” Neville assured. Then it would be his brand, his claim.

The bite made him smile, and he watched Blaise eat for a little bit before helping himself to another piece of pizza. “There’s things to drink in the kitchen if you want something...” he said, realizing that he hadn’t taken care of that.

“Un, I promise. I’m yours to mark, Master,” Blaise said and then nodded. “Un, because it’s your claim on me, ne?”

“Oh?” Blaise nodded and rose, grabbing them each a melon soda from the fridge. Then he came back and knelt again at Neville’s feet, offering him his drink. After opening his own, he sipped and then ate another slice of pizza. “So, do we have to read this entire book? I’d rather have sex but I understand if it’s important to read...” Blaise grinned and winked. “You’re too sexy.”

Neville nodded, watching as Blaise went to the kitchen. He was already looking the human over and trying to imagine what ink would look like on his skin.

He took the soda with a smile when Blaise came back, opening it and finishing his pizza. “You think I wouldn’t rather have sex too?” he laughed, “It’s important to read more, though. And we’ll get all kinds of ideas about things...” he reasoned.

“I wasn’t sure,” Blaise pouted playfully before biting Neville’s knee.

“I understand. We can at least cuddle while reading, ne?” Blaise asked before adding, “Oh? Ideas about what? I have lots of ideas about how to show you how sexy you are,” he murmured and licked over the spot he’d bitten.

“Lots of cuddling.” Neville agreed, drinking more soda before he reached down and began playing with Blaise’s hair.

“Well, there’s...” he grabbed the book and thumbed to the index, reading some of the chapter headings aloud, “So lots about bonding, and emotional depth, and how to manage blood for both of our pleasure.” he smiled.

Blaise enjoyed the way his hair was played with and he sipped his soda while resting his head on Neville’s knee.

“Oh... that sounds important,” Blaise murmured and relaxed against Neville’s leg, shivering a little. “We can read and cuddle then and talk about tattoos, right? I’ve always liked the ideas of wings for a tattoo,” Blaise blushed and caught Neville’s knee in his teeth, trying to look cute as he gazed up as the vampire.

“Of course. And at some point, I’ll study a little...” Neville added, still worried about his exam the next day.

“Wings? Are you an angel, then?” he teased, seeing Blaise’s purposefully cute expression and grinning, “Come up here, please...” He wanted to hold Blaise desperately.

Blaise nodded. “I’ll be good while you study.”

“Of course. I fell out of heaven just for you, babe,” Blaise teased and then smiled, climbing up into Neville’s lap and cuddling. “You fell out of heaven first though.”

“As long as you promise it was just for me.” Neville conditioned, playful. Once Blaise was in his lap he slipped his arms around the blond and hugged him tight, feeling the possessive need deep inside momentarily appeased.

“You’re mine...” he whispered, kissing Blaise suddenly and deeply. Now that he had him, he couldn’t let go.

“Of course it was,” Blaise murmured. He enjoyed the possessive tight hug, melting against the vampire. He was wanted and taken seriously and it felt great. He loved this man completely.

Blaise couldn’t respond before the kiss so he just kissed back, moaning and fisting his hands in Neville’s shirt. When he was short of breath, he pulled away to pant. “Yours.”

Neville smiled, listening to the sound of Blaise trying to catch his breath. It was very sexy, and he pressed smaller kisses at the corners of the blond’s mouth in an affectionate moment.

“Do you want the tour now?” he asked, rubbing Blaise’s back, “Or do you want to look around on your own while I study later?”

“A tour,” Blaise murmured, cuddling close. He enjoyed the affection and licked Neville’s lips playfully.

“When should I move in? And when will we get my tattoo?” Blaise was excited about both and hoped they’d both happen very soon. Neville was too sexy for him to resist for too long.

“Move in tomorrow.” Neville said with confidence, nuzzling Blaise briefly. He just didn’t want to deal with the possible pain of not having the blond with him, sharing his home.

“The tattoo.... maybe after exams? Then we can think about the right design, and choose a good artist.” he reasoned, tilting his head so he could nip at Blaise’s neck lightly. “Time for the tour!”

“Tomorrow?” Blaise smiled and clung. “Done. I’ll move in tomorrow. You’re all I ever wanted. I’m so glad I found you...” He sealed their lips in an intense kiss.

Blaise nodded and shivered. “Yes. Show me around our home.” Saying that made him smile and kiss the vampire again, happy to the core.

Neville returned the kiss, holding Blaise tightly and feeling relief that the human didn’t have any problem with moving that quickly.

Though it was difficult to give up the current position, he got up and took Blaise by the hand, starting to show him around. “You can tell me if there’s things you want for the house, then... decorations. Or stuff for you...” he said, hoping that was alright.

Blaise looked around, smiling. He liked Neville’s place--their place--and shook his head. “You’re everything I need, Master,” he murmured and pulled Neville in for a tight hug.

“As long as I have you, I’ll be the happiest man in the world. I’m yours forever.” He eventually broke the hug because it was odd while carrying the book to read in bed together, and held Neville’s hand with his free one instead.

Neville melted, faltering a bit as he tried to find his words. He only wanted Blaise to know that his money was now the blond’s money; he would spoil and give his pet everything he wanted.

When the tight hug ended, he squeezed Blaise’s hand tight and then continued the tour. He lingered a bit on the kitchen, since it was one of his favorite rooms, and then went on until they finally reached his bedroom. “And that’s home.” he concluded, smiling.

Blaise smiled and nodded. “Home.” After putting the book down on the bed, he pulled Neville into his arms, hugging him tightly.

After a long moment, Blaise sank to his knees and nuzzled. “I’m going to miss you when I have to go to work...” he pouted. “You’ll miss me too, right?”

Letting out a heated sound at the nuzzle, Neville looked down and nodded. “Of course I’ll miss you. I thought about you today when we were apart...” he reasoned, knowing that the same thing would happen the next day.

“We’re together now, though.” he pointed out, smiling, “That’s what matters.”

Blaise wrapped his arms around the other male, hugging him and resting his cheek on Neville’s hip. “I don’t ever want to leave you. I want to stay with you all the hours in the day.” He didn’t know why he felt so clingy.

Maybe it had something to do with the book. Nodding, he stood again and laid his head on Neville’s shoulder. “Let’s cuddle? Or do you have to study?”

“I know...” Neville said, biting his lip. Blaise just seemed so perfect like that, holding him close and looking at him with all of that devotion.

“I should study... but we can still cuddle.” the vampire smiled, “Can you get my books? We can sit in bed.” he said, excited to have Blaise in bed with him where he belonged.

Blaise nodded and headed back into the living room quickly, grabbed Neville’s books. Returning just as quickly, he put books, a notebook, and a pencil down on the bed and then laid down and opened the other book about vampire bonds.

Looking over at Neville, he bat his eyes. “Just looking at you makes me swoon, sexy.”

“You’re teasing me.” Neville said, leaning in to steal a kiss before he settled on the bed with everything Blaise had brought him. He cracked open the textbook for his exam the next day, finding the review sheet and scanning it briefly.

“Tell me if you find anything interesting.” he said, reaching over to hold Blaise’s hand.

Blaise grinned. “Because I need you, always.”

Nodding, he adjusted himself so his head was in the other male’s lap. Reading for a long time, his eyes started to droop and soon he was asleep with his head in Neville’s lap, a hand on his thigh. His body was at an awkward angle across the bed, but he was content because he could feel his master and lover close to him.

Neville glanced up midway through his notes, realizing that Blaise was asleep. He smiled, adNevilleing the blond’s slumbering face. To think that he had found his Mate, and he would get to have him forever...

He studied for a while longer until he felt more confident, then carefully gathered up his study materials and placed them toward the end of the bed. The vampire then began running his fingers through Blaise’s hair, waking him up gently.

Blaise was dozing peacefully, completely content, when he felt fingers carding through his hair. Sighing, he snuggled for a moment and then began to wake up, blinking and yawn before looking up at his vampire mate.

“Oh... I feel asleep. Hi...” Blaise murmured, blushing.

“I know, Sleeping Beauty...” Neville said, unable to resist leaning down to kiss those tempting lips. A very fair reward for his hard work studying, in his opinion.

“Do you want to keep sleeping? I’m done studying.” he informed happily, smiling playfully, “All yours now.”

Blaise grinned and kissed back, happy.

“You’re always all mine,” he said, cheeky, and then smiled and sat up. Getting up, he moved the books over to sit with the rest of Neville’s school things and set the library book on a table beside the bed. He thought it needed to be close by in case they cuddled together and read.

Crawling back onto the bed, Blaise cuddled up close. “What will we do now that you’re done studying?”

“I know.” Neville agreed, smiling. He watched Blaise move around to organize things, happy once the blond was back in his arms.

“Play around?” he suggested with a soft laugh, nuzzling Blaise’s neck with a rumbling purr.

Blaise melted, shivering, and arched his neck. “Yes, sir,” he breathed. “I like that idea very much.”

Blaise tilted his head and kissed Neville’s forehead. Then he rolled onto his back and looked over at the other male. “I’m yours too.”

Neville grinned, rolling over so he was half-draped over Blaise’s warm body. He kissed him softly, nipping at Blaise’s plump lips with a soft sigh.

“You sure you aren’t too sleepy?” he teased, nuzzling the blond and smoothing a hand down his chest.

Blaise shivered and moaned softly. “How could I be too sleepy to let you play with me, sir?” Blaise spread his legs, canting his hips up slightly.

Something about Neville made him horny as fuck. “What kind of playing do you want to do?”

“You can be...” Neville said, shaking his head slightly. He wouldn’t mind it if the blond was sleepy, especially after a long day.

“Is there anything else you want to say, instead of ‘sir’?” he wondered, undoing the first button on Blaise’s shirt with a playful smile.

“I don’t want to be,” Blaise murmured, pouting a little. He didn’t want to miss out on any moment of this. It felt too wonderful just being here with Neville and Neville was going to play with him! He was excited.

“Um... Master? I like those. Maybe ‘Lord’ if you like that?” Blaise responded, shivering.

“Don’t pout.” Neville murmured, thinking that Blaise looked too cute that way. He pressed a kiss to the corners of Blaise’s mouth, gentle.

“I like those too. ‘Sir’ is polite but it’s not personal enough...” he reasoned, undoing another button and slipping his hand inside to smooth over Blaise’s chest.

Blaise let out a happy sigh when he was kissed like that, and he flicked his tongue out to taste Neville’s lips. “But if pouting makes you kiss me, sexy...” he murmured, trailing off.

“You do? I’m glad.” Blaise smiled and then added, “Master.” He shivered and arched up into Neville’s touch. He wanted to strip, but he also wanted to be good and wait. Being patient was hard.

“Lots of things make me kiss you.” the vampire laughed, teasing. Hearing Blaise call him ‘Master’ was very sexy, and he kissed Blaise hard as he finished with the rest of the buttons and pushed the fabric away from the blond’s body.

“Stay still.” he murmured against Blaise’s lips, breaking the kiss as he positioned himself above the other male. He licked from Blaise’s neck all the way down his exposed chest, fangs piercing the skin briefly just above Blaise’s bellybutton to draw blood. It pooled in Blaise’s navel, and Neville licked it away slowly as he palmed the blond’s arousal through his jeans.

Blaise groaned and melted into the kiss. It felt so good to be bared to Neville and to be devoured like that.

Blaise nodded and bit his bottom lip, gasping and gripped the sheets when Neville licked down his chest. When his skin was pierced above his belly button and he felt blood pool in his navel, he moaned. “Are you piercing my belly button?” The words were said on a groan as he tried not to squirm; Neville’s hand palming him felt so good.

“Not yet.” Neville answered, smiling before he circled his tongue slowly against the slightly sticky skin. “Think of it like a body shot?” he joked, laughing.

He undid Blaise’s belt buckle and then pulled the blond’s pants down and away. Now that Blaise was naked, he felt much better. Unable to resist kissing Blaise again, Neville moved up to claim the human’s lips while his fingers gripped Blaise’s length insistently.

“Not yet...” Blaise repeated, hot, breathy, a little dazed. The continuing tease just made him moan. “You will in the future?” The joke made him whimper. “A body shot...” he repeated.

Yep. He was dazed.

Naked, he shivered until he felt the other male above him, kissing him. Groaning against Neville’s lips, he opened for the vampire, letting Neville dominate him.

“I’d like to. It would look good on you.” Neville reasoned, hopeful. He broke the kiss slowly after tasting Blaise’s mouth thoroughly, looking into his eyes.

“Are you okay?” he wondered, kissing him gently this time, stroking Blaise’s length briefly but then letting go. He knew he hadn’t taken enough blood to hurt him at all, but he was still worried.

Blaise shivered when he was kissed so gently and nodded slowly. “Un. I’m just... wow.” He blushed and bit into his bottom lip, lifting his head slowly to look down at his belly button.

His length throbbed and he whimpered when Neville stopped touching him. “I just... yeah. Un. I’m okay, Master.” He knew he was having a hard time communicating, but he hoped it would be enough to let Neville know he was okay.

“Okay...” Neville trailed off, but he dipped his head and pressed his lips against Blaise’s pulse point. He wasn’t as experienced as other vampires, gleaning things like emotions like reading the air. But if he could press his lips to Blaise’s neck and focus, he could get a sense if that accelerated heartbeat was because of excitement.

“Just enjoy yourself, then.” he murmured, kissing Blaise’s neck before he moved down again, not stopping until he was face to face with Blaise’s arousal. Fangs gleaming, he began to lick Blaise from root to tip over and over, adding a little more pressure from his lips and a few grazes of fang just to tease now and then.
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