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The way he was teased made him moan. He opened his mouth to invite exploration and dominance, loving the feeling of belonging to Neville in that moment. And he made sure to keep the tray level which was both difficult and arousing. He would prove that he was worthy of this man. He would!

“To be a teacher.” Neville answered, nodding slightly, “I have to study so much because I’m really not the greatest student... but when I was younger, some teachers kept trying. I’d be happy being that kind of person for others.” he explained.

When Blaise opened his mouth like that Neville couldn’t resist. His fingers were a little sticky from handling the rice candy, and he rubbed the sweet residue against the blond’s tongue. The lights in the theater dimmed suddenly, signalling the start of the movie, and since it would be difficult now for Blaise to see he took the next piece of chicken off the skewer with his fingers and placed it in the younger male’s mouth. Neville hadn’t ever been happier to have excellent eyesight in the dark.

“Oh?” Blaise smiled, impressed. “I think that’s special. I. I want to help you, Master. I’ll be there whenever you need to study. I can hold your books or your pens and pencils. Whatever you need to give you strength. It’s a very important ambition.”

When his tongue was rubbed like that, Blaise moaned. It felt so good, like he belonged to Neville. And, when he was fed so directly, he groaned and ate the piece of chicken. He was more focused on his date than on the movie.

Neville was touched by Blaise’s assertion that he wanted to help. It was good to have support and not to be judged; lots of humans felt vampires were natural geniuses and simply absorbed information without effort. It wasn’t that easy.

He withdrew his fingers just to enjoy the look on Blaise’s face. Moving silently, he grasped the glass bottle of soda; one hand cupped the side of the blond’s face while the other tipped the soda to Blaise’s lips. It wasn’t lost on him that the soda was horribly phallic, and he hoped it wasn’t for Blaise either.

Blaise shivered in the darkness, waiting for the next move from Neville. The vampire was sexy, and he was aroused.

The drink wasn’t something that he expected but he didn’t miss how phallic it was. Sucking from the bottle, he used lips and tongue to enjoy was he was given. His cock ached even more, but he couldn’t touch. His hands were busy with the tray. He didn’t want to ruin what Neville had spent precious money on. So, he just enjoyed the bottle of melon soda, trying to show Neville what he’d receive if the vampire decided he was worthy of his cock.

Neville bit his lip, fangs sharp but feeling good. Blaise knew how to put on a show. He pulled the bottle back slowly, then fed the blond the remainder of the chicken. He still felt bad that they weren’t having a proper dinner, since the blond needed food. Next time, he promised himself, he’d buy Blaise a good meal.

In the dark he guided Blaise to put the tray on a nearby empty chair, then move and turn so he could see the screen since the movie was starting. It put the blond in the perfect position to let his head rest on Neville’s knee.

Blaise ate the last of the chicken, groaning. He quite enjoyed the system they had and the natural way they were testing the waters with each other and falling into their roles. It was nice.

When he was prompted to turn, he did, letting his head rest on Neville’s knee. He moved his hands behind his back, desperate to touch, but he didn’t have permission. Maybe Neville would want to touch later. He didn’t want to steal that opportunity from the other male.

Neville smiled, happy with the way things felt. The movie was starting, but he was thinking about the blond more than the film. As the plot unfolded he began touching Blaise; first just running his fingers through the short hair on the back of the blond’s neck.

Then his fingers began tormenting Blaise’s ear, tracing the shell and feeling the softness, rolling the piercing between his fingers for a while. Slowly the vampire’s attention shifted to stroking the strong column of Blaise’s neck, teasing the pulse point especially. So warm. He wondered what that blood tasted like.

Blaise shivered when his neck was touched. He liked the attention, but it was very hard to concentrate on the movie. He had no idea what was transpiring on the screen. All he knew what Neville’s touch.

The way his ear was tormented made him groan, arching into the touch that made him want to climax in his pants. But he was trying to be good. It was so hard when those fingers moved lower still, caressing his pulse point. He needed.

The movie was interesting, like Neville had hoped for, but touching Blaise felt much better. For a while his hand was still, simply feeling the calm reassurance of the blond’s heartbeat. It was soothing, like music, and it put a smile on his face.

Because he couldn’t help himself, though, his hand moved lower; the vampire traced over the tight collar of Blaise’s shirt, dipping underneath eventually.

Blaise relaxed some when Neville paused, keeping his hand still on his neck. It was comforting; he felt owned by the gesture.

Then Neville’s hands moved again and he whimpered. Blaise spread his legs even further and shivered. “This would be a lot easier if you’d just take me home. Your home. My home. A hotel room. Whatever... You’re making me so needy, Master.” This was said in a grumbly whisper as Blaise tried to convey his arousal while not disturbing anyone else in the theatre.

Surprised, Neville stilled his hand. He realized that he was teasing Blaise a lot, of course, but that he had to answer to how much that made the blond need him. He squeezed Blaise’s shoulder, smiling. The movie was just a movie... not as important as this.

“Let’s go, then.” he agreed, “Take me home with you.” He wanted to be surrounded by things that smelled like Blaise, that belonged to him.

Blaise was surprised that Neville said yes. He was sure that the vampire had been enjoying the movie, but he wouldn’t say no to going home now.

Nodding, Blaise stood and grabbed Neville’s hand. Then he grabbed what was left of the candy and the soda--Neville had paid for it so it would be a shame to waste it. Blaise moved quickly. His body was pulsing with need. Thankfully it was a short trip from the theatre to his modest apartment.

Neville smiled, glad to have no questions asked. He could sense Blaise’s need and noticed that the blond was rushing a lot now, but he could keep up easily.

When he was shown inside the small apartment he looked around, trying not to be too obvious. He took off his shoes and then set his bag down, pulling Blaise close once there wasn’t anything preventing him from doing so.

Blaise set the candy and soda down and slipped out of his own shoes. When he was pulled close, he lined up their groins so Neville could feel the effect he’d had on him. He wrapped his arms around the vampire and laid his head on the other male’s shoulder with a moan.

“I really like you, Master. I’m so glad you took me seriously, sexy.”

Neville groaned, feeling obviously just how excited the blond was. He hugged Blaise tightly, smoothing his hands up the blond’s back slowly. It took a moment to remember why sex would be so damn distracting.

“I like you too...” he admitted, “I’m glad you approached me. And how you did it.” he smiled, “Now, tell me what you want.” he encouraged, pressing against the other male with a sigh.

Blaise shivered and smiled. “I’m glad you like me too. I want to belong to only you.” Blaise groaned and pressed closer as well, holding Neville tightly.

“Anything. I want you. I want you to stay so I can cuddle with you all night long. And I want to come.” Blaise thrust his hips against Neville’s with a whimper. “I’m so needy for you. Do you want me to show you how needy I am?” Blaise groaned, thinking about stripping and kneeling for the shorter male.

“I’ll stay.” Neville promised softly. He wanted that, to stay here and be held all night. He wanted to talk with Blaise and get to know him, to find more things to adNevillee and learn all of the blond’s quirks.

But right now, the human’s need was the most important thing. “Yes, show me.” he smiled, fangs on display.

“Thank you, sexy,” Blaise murmured, squeezing Neville tightly.

When he heard that eager and commanding tone, he groaned and nodded. “Yes, sir,” Blaise breathed, looking at Neville with desire and need. He pulled away and quickly stripped, dropping his clothes in the laundry hamper he kept in a corner. Then Blaise sack to his knees again, legs spread wide so his bollocks could hang heavy while his cock stood erect, proud and needy.

Neville watched Blaise strip, thinking to himself that if he got the chance then he would request the blond do a prolonged striptease for him sometime. He didn’t want that body covered up right now, though; just looking at the blond excited him, especially when Blaise settled on his knees so easily.

He framed Blaise’s face in his hands, tilting the blond’s face up so he could see that handsome face. “Help me out first.” the vampire murmured, “Then you can come, I promise.” He wanted it to last longer, both to tease and make it more intense.

Blaise moaned as he looked up at the vampire, and he nodded. “Gladly. I want to taste your cock so badly!”

“Is standing okay for you or do you want to use the futon?” Blaise asked. He would enjoy either and really wanted Neville to enjoy the experience. While he waited for an answer, he leaned forward and rubbed his cheek against the vampire’s groin.

Neville groaned, distracted by the gesture, and canted his hips forward. It had been a while since he had been intimate with anyone; there was only so much sexiness from Blaise that he could handle before he exploded.

“Like this.” he assured, “Then the futon for your reward...” he explained, aching already.

Blaise moaned when Neville gave the instructions. This was so sexy, his potential Master standing over him. He wanted so badly to be owned by Neville. He felt like he could definitely fall in love with him.

Reaching up, he undid the buckle on Neville’s belt and pull it from the belt loops on Neville’s jeans. Holding it up in offering above his head, he leaned forward again, and carefully undid the top button with his teeth and tongue. Then he grasped the zipper between his teeth and pulled it down before using his nose to widen the opening at Neville’s crotch.

Carefully he nosed at Neville’s underwear until the front panel opened, and he inhaled deeply. Neville had a musk that was addictive and he couldn’t stop himself from taking a taste.

Neville took the belt with a slightly shaking hand, biting his lip as he watched Blaise proceed to show his eagerness creatively. He didn’t want to keep holding the belt, so he let it fall to the floor nearby.

Hands now free, he ran his fingers through Blaise’s dyed hair, tugging on the strands in a silent display of possessiveness.

Blaise groaned when his hair was tugged and he tilted his face up, gazing at the vampire for a moment, enamoured. “I want you. For always. You’re perfect. My Master,” Blaise said, breathless.

Then he lowered his head and wrapped his lips around Neville’s exposed cock, sucking. He was determined to show his desire and affection though this, his own cock tight and needy, but secondary to the vampire’s desires. Soon after he started to suck, Blaise used his own saliva and tongue to make it easy to start bobbing on Neville’s length, worshiping it.

Neville blushed again, the warmth of it making him self-conscious for a moment. He tugged on Blaise’s hair again, trying to curl the shorter strands around his fingers.

The blond’s mouth was hot and perfect; he knew that he wouldn’t be able to resist in the future if Blaise ever offered oral. “So good...” the vampire sighed, “Don’t stop.”

Blaise groaned when Neville continued to tug on his hair. He loved the feeling.

Blaise couldn’t even think of stopping. He didn’t stop, not even to protest that he wouldn’t stop until Neville had release. He was taking this very seriously, greedy for this taste and this moment. Sucking harder, he moved faster on Neville’s length and reached up to massage his balls, rolling them in his hands. He hoped he’d be allowed to service Neville this way again.

Neville shivered for a moment, arching into the touch. He was grateful that Blaise didn’t stop, since this felt too intense and too amazing. Somehow, even without words, the blond made it clear just how much he wanted this.

He moaned when he came, emptying himself down Blaise’s throat. The feeling of so much pressure being released made him relax, a satisfied smile on his face.

Blaise moaned when Neville arched like that. He could tell that that was a sign that Neville was probably close, so he let Neville’s cock penetrate his throat and stayed there, tugging on the other male’s balls while sucking.

Neville’s orgasm was delicious, and when he finally pulled away after making sure the other male’s cock was clean, he licked his lips, looking up at Neville with desire. “Thank you. You’re delicious.” Blaise leaned forward and kissed Neville’s hipbone affectionately.

“Thank you...” Neville said, feeling himself melt a little when Blaise kissed his hipbone like that. He pulled back slightly so he could strip off his clothes, momentarily shy but forgetting that when he focused again on Blaise’s arousal and not the fact that he was now naked.

“Futon.” the vampire said shortly, reaching to pull on Blaise’s hair again.

Blaise groaned in response to the short command and the way his hair was pulled. Nodding, he leaned forward and rose up onto his hands and knees, crawling on all fours across his one room apartment to his futon. He could feel how hard and heavy his cock was as it swung between his legs.

When he reached the futon, he laid down on his back, leaving room for Neville to join him.

Neville moved over to the futon quickly, settling at first next to the human. There were so many things that he wanted to do, and so many that he told himself they needed to wait a little while for.

The vampire gripped Blaise’s arousal quickly, too tempted by the sight of it not to touch. He began stroking slowly, burying his face in the blond’s warm neck and pressing his lips against that pulse point he had tormented so much in the movie theater.

Blaise moaned and arched into that touch. Neville was going slowly but since Blaise had been aroused so long, he was already shaking.

When Neville’s lips pressed against his neck, Blaise whimpered and stretched it further. “Please, drink me?” The idea of being Neville’s dinner was just too arousing to him and he bit his bottom lip, trying not to fall over the edge immediately. He wouldn’t be able to hold off long.

Neville raised his head, looking over the blond’s eager expression. It was beautiful, that kind of need, and being asked like that. Deep down he knew that in that moment his heart had fallen more, whether he was prepared for it or not. Neville smiled and bent down again, letting his fangs sink into Blaise’s neck so he could drink deeply.

His hand never stopped; he wanted to see Blaise go over the edge for him. With the bite he pinned Blaise to the futon, not ready to let him go.

Blaise moaned loudly and canted his hips up into Neville’s fist. Being bitten felt so good and he felt so close.

Mere moments later, Blaise fell over the edge with a cry of Neville’s name. Then he let himself relax against the futon and enjoy the feeling of being pinned beneath those fangs and desired so much. “Yes. Claim me... I’m for you.”

Neville kept drinking, closing his eyes and enjoying the taste of Blaise’s blood. It was like nothing he had ever tasted before; not just sweet or spicy, something complicated and addictive. It made him shiver, and Neville couldn’t think of the last time he had shivered.

Easing back slowly, he lightly nuzzled and kissed the wound before cleaning his messy hand with a playful smile. “You’re delicious, all of you.” he murmured before he framed the blond’s face in his hands and kissed him for the first time.

Blaise shivered. Neville’s gentle and focused attention felt so good. When Neville said that, he melted.

Kissing back, he wrapped his arms around Neville tightly. He wasn’t going to let this vampire go. This man would be his for as long as he was alive.

Neville couldn’t believe that it had taken him this long to kiss Blaise. It seemed like he couldn’t get enough of those lips, but he had to stop so Blaise could breathe.

Shy suddenly, he hugged Blaise and curled up against him, pillowing his head on the blond’s chest to listen to that racing heartbeat.

Blaise played with Neville’s hair. The other male was so pretty and he was definitely enamoured.

“So, did I pass the test? Will you keep me? Please, sexy? My heart with die without your sexiness and perfection.” Blaise smiled and pulled a blanket over them.

Neville closed his eyes, relaxing as Blaise played with his hair. It was a simple touch, but it made him deeply happy.

“Of course you passed.” he murmured, lightly nuzzling Blaise’s chest, “Don’t worry about your heart. I have to learn how to be a good Master, though...” he said thoughtfully, tracing a fingertip idly over Blaise’s nipple.

Blaise smiled and pulled Neville closer to his body. “I think you’ll be a great one. You’re already awesome. I want to stay with you forever and always be around you.”

Blaise shivered when his nippled was teased like that. Tilting his head, he kissed Neville’s forehead.

Luckily, Neville didn’t blush this time. He leaned into the kiss with a small smile, taking off his glasses in an afterthought and setting them aside.

“There are rules and things...” he said, pinching Blaise’s nipple lightly, “I’ve never been with someone like that before, so I’ll have to prepare.” he admitted. He was fairly young for a vampire and had enjoyed relationships, but not this dynamic before in a serious commitment.

Blaise groaned when his nipple was pinched.

“Rules? You’ll have rules?” The human smiled and pulled Neville up to lay on top of him. “I’ll be patient while you learn. We can learn things together. Don’t you vampires have classes and stuff like when humans get a dog or cat and then take them to be trained?”

“There are supposed to be rules if I own you...” Neville reasoned softly, settling when Blaise pulled him close like that. He was glad that the blond was patient; there was going to be a learning curve for both of them with this.

“There are classes, and books. All kinds of stuff.” he nodded, “I thought maybe I’d call someone who knows a lot about this for some advice.” he admitted, slowly kissing along Blaise’s jaw, “Do you think of it that way? Being a pet? Or one for show?” he wondered.

Blaise hugged the vampire tightly and pulled blankets up over them both.

The kisses made him shiver and he took a moment to think. “If someone as sexy and lovable as you wanted to show me off, I’d be flattered and okay with that. Mainly, I just thought classes could help so we could both learn together and at the same time. I want to be a good slave for you and be completely yours and show you that I trust you. And that I’m falling for you.” He intercepted Neville’s lips with his own while blushing and squeezing him tightly.

Neville closed his eyes, melting into the kiss. He liked the way Blaise’s voice sounded when he went on like that, all those emotions coming out in a rush. It made him feel good.

“Then tomorrow I’ll call and get the advice I want.” he murmured, nipping at Blaise’s bottom lip, “And then we’ll look into classes we can take together. The sooner the better. I feel the same way about you too.” the vampire admitted.

Blaise melted and nodded. “Un, advice is good.”

“You do?” Blaise shivered when his bottom lip was nipped and then kissed Neville again. “I’m glad.” Reaching over, he turned the lights off and then pulled Neville into a more comfortable position, content as he drifted off to sleep.

Neville smiled, settling down to sleep contentedly. For a while he just remained still, listening to Blaise’s breath and the rhythm of his heartbeat. Soon the comforting sound lulled him to sleep, and he didn’t stir until morning.

He couldn’t see a clock anywhere around, but his body guessed what time in the morning it was. Neville shifted out of the blond’s embrace slowly, nuzzling Blaise’s neck briefly as he did so.

Blaise shifted, rolling over to grab for Neville with a groan. Blinking, he stared for a moment, trying to get his brain to shift into gear. He wasn’t used to being awake so early.

“Where are you going?” His voice was raspy with sleep and he reached over enough to pull Neville in close again, his front to Neville’s back while he kissed Neville’s neck lazily. “Don’t go... please? I’ll miss you too much.”

“I’m not leaving.” Neville assured, laughing softly. It was difficult to deny that embrace, though, and he arched a little bit to better enjoy the attention to his neck.

“I was going to make you breakfast.” the vampire explained, reaching back so he could stroke his fingers over Blaise’s leg, “Don’t you eat in the morning?” he teased.

Blaise licked a path up Neville’s neck, humming in satisfaction before chuckling and nodding. “Yeah, I guess I do. I’d rather eat you...”

Tightening his embrace with one arm, he let the other stroke down Neville’s front until he could grasp Neville’s cock. He squeezed it lightly and began to stroke while pressing his own erection against Neville’s back. “I want you so much, Master. Mine.”

Neville groaned softly, not expecting to be touched like that. Blaise’s words made him want to forget about cooking and his exam later entirely.

“Yours.” he confirmed softly, hips pressing forward to encourage more of the blond’s touch, “You’ll still eat later. But now... touch.” he moaned, aching already.

Blaise groaned in response to the reaction he received. Neville was too delicious and he was so glad that the sexy male had listened to him and agreed to give him a chance.

Nodding, he pressed his face into Neville’s neck and nibbled. Then he began to stroke more firmly, thumbing Neville’s nipples with his other hand. “How are you so sexy?” he groaned, biting into Neville’s shoulder.

Sighing, Neville rocked his hips against Blaise’s hand, wanting more. The question made him blush a little, and he was glad that the blond couldn’t see his face at the moment.

“It’s natural?” he joked, laughing under his breath until he was bitten. That brought a low groan, and he lifted a hand to tangle his fingers in Blaise’s hair. “Harder.” he encouraged softly.

“Obviously it is. Beauty like yours can’t be bought and engineered,” Blaise growled against Neville’s skin. This man was his, for better or worse, and he would let the vampire own him completely. But, right now, he needed to stake his claim.
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