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Blaise looked around the quiet library. He had just delivered a pizza to another building on campus, and as he was heading back towards his car, he saw a gorgeous man headed into the library. He knew it was a library because the building was labeled as such.

Where had he gone? The pretty man wasn’t at any of the tables. Blaise knew that he couldn’t leave without the other male’s name, so he ventured further inside, looking down aisle after aisle.

There! Blaise grinned and walked over, giving the male his patented leer. “Hey baby. You so fine, you blow my mind! What’s your name?” He stood closer while he said this, ignoring the fact that he was in a greasy delivery boy uniform and that he had a dirty bandana half covering his head. The leer should be effective enough.

Neville leaned his head back, trying to peer at the top shelf of books and find the title he was looking for. Sometimes it seemed like people came in here on purpose to move them around so he couldn’t find what he liked.

There was already four books stacked in his arms; he wanted to get a head start on his most difficult class’ material. His last test had been great, but not stellar. He couldn’t afford to make mistakes now.

He was slightly startled when he was approached; Neville blinked at the man who - he tried not to be rude - didn’t look like the library type really. “I... is this a joke?” he muttered, taking a step back.

Blaise wasn’t expecting that reaction. He pouted for a minute before redoubling his effort. “No, baby. I wouldn’t joke with you about how sexy you are.”

“You’re so damn hot. I love your glasses and how studious you seem and I want your name, please?” Blaise took the books from the stranger and then knelt. “Please? I need to know what to call you when you’re pounding into my ass later, sexy.” He paused and then offered, “I’m Blaise.”

Neville stared, flustered when his books were taken. He didn’t expect the blond to kneel, though, or say things like that. He smiled despite himself, fangs indenting his lips before he covered his mouth. People were going to stare... But who would embarrass themselves like that if they didn’t really mean it?

“Neville. Well, it’s short for Neville.” he finally said, turning to the shelf and looking for his book. He was sort of curious if Blaise would just stay there... “Now what? Since you know my name.”

“Neville. Neville...” Blaise rolled the name over his tongue and smiled. “Good to meet you, sexy baby.”

Blaise stayed kneeling, glad that it had been so effective. And then he noticed the fangs. Oh, he had lucked out. It had been a long time since he’d dated a vampire which meant he’d been subsisting off of vanilla sex instead of the complete dominance he craved. His cock filled with need in his pants and he widened his stance, making it more proper. “Now? Now I’ll hold your books for you and, if you want to fuck me later, we can exchange numbers? You can dominate me too if that’s your thing.” Blaise shivered. “And I can get us a hotel room.”

“I’ve been looking for a vampire as sexy as you to own me and hopefully love me. I like you so far, sexy.”

“You just met me...” Neville reminded softly, placing the book he had just picked out on top of the stack. This really wasn’t a normal trip to the library.

“It’s nice that you’re eager.” he said, gesturing for Blaise to stand, “I start midterms tomorrow... sex is a big distraction from studying.” he murmured, “Can you wait? Or no?”

Blaise stood and pouted at the other male. “But...”

“Oh. I don’t want to distract you, sexy. Does that mean we can’t see each other at all? We could get to know each other and I could hold stuff for you like I held the books. When I’m not delivering pizza, that is...” Blaise tilted his head, batting his eyelashes in hopes that that would sway the vampire.

“You would do that?” Neville asked, smiling, “I’d like to see you... I didn’t know if you would want to, if it wasn’t for sex.” he murmured.

“I want to check the books out.” he said, “This way.” he started walking, hoping that Blaise would follow him to the self-checkout.

“Yes. Then I could be around you a lot. All I want is to be around you, sexy.” Blaise smiled and added, “Even if we can’t have sex right away. I want more than sex with you. Most people just want sex from me because they don’t take me seriously. I just like to express my appreciation for beauty...”

Those words sounded like a very confident command. Blaise moaned. He could get used to the idea of following Neville around like a prized pet to carry things for him. Following, he stared at anyone who looked at his erection, winking at them sheepishly. Neville was just too hot.

“Alright... I’m glad to hear that.” Very glad. Not that Neville was opposed to hot sex with random strangers that could definitely be the pizza delivery man from a pornographic video, but that kind of eagerness could be very addicting...

When they reached the counter he looked at Blaise curiously and then pointed briefly to the floor, wondering if the blond would kneel again.

Blaise smiled, walking slightly behind Neville. His submissive nature was loving this immensely.

Somehow that wordless command was even more powerful. Blaise groaned and fell to his knees instantly, widening his stance so Neville could see how affected he was. Then he raised the books so they would be easy for the vampire to reach.

Of course there were people in the library staring at them now, which made Neville a little self-conscious but also excited. It was a university for vampires, after all, they weren’t sheltered about the way humans could be with them...

He took the books and scanned them, opening his backpack after and placing all of them inside. “You can stand up now.” the vampire said with a small smile, impressed, “Do you have to go back to work?” he wondered.

“Work? Oh, crap. I forgot about work.” Blaise bit his bottom lip and looked at the other male. “I don’t want to have to leave you, sexy, but I have to.”

Blaise was glad he had pleased the other male with his obedience, and stood in response to the new request. “I can come back after. I only have an hour left and I have to keep this job so I can pay for my apartment. Is there a number I should call you at?”

“Yes, work.” Neville smiled, “I understand.” he said softly, understanding very quickly that they were from two different worlds financially. It didn’t bother him, though he wondered if it would bother Blaise later.

“Sure.” he said, grabbing scrap paper and a pencil. He wrote down his number and then handed it over, “I’ll get to studying...”

Blaise took the piece of paper, bowing low over it before lifting and nodding. “Later, gorgeous!” he called with a grin and a wink, hurrying back to work. When he got back to work, he was yelled at for taking so long, but the piece of paper in his pocket made it worth it.

After work, he sat on his bike and dialed the number Neville had given him. “Neville? Sexy? It’s Blaise.” He listened to find out where Neville was, murmured that he’d be about twenty minutes, and then rushed home, showering and changing quickly.

Then, he rushed back to the library, finding Neville among the tables and bowing. “Neville. You’re still as gorgeous as I remember~” Blaise grinned and knelt beside Neville at his feet, spreading his knees to show he could have good form.

“Later...” Neville said, watching as the blond ran off. He smiled to himself but then found a table to study, going through the books and also his notes. Time flew by quickly, and when Blaise called he confirmed that he was still at the library.

He smiled when Blaise came in, clearly fresh from the shower since he smelled like soap. It was nice.

“You took a shower?” he asked, setting his pen down for a moment.

Blaise nodded. “You noticed? I didn’t want to smell like pizza anymore. Not for someone as delectable as you, gorgeous~” Blaise grinned.

“Do you have to study a lot more still? I never went to college so I don’t know how it works.”

“I noticed. The pizza smelled good but it was covering up your scent. Your scent is much better...” Neville confirmed, reaching out and smoothing his fingers briefly along Blaise’s cheekbone. Soft skin.

“For a little while... about half an hour.” he said after glancing at the clock to check the time, “But then we could go somewhere, if you want.”

Blaise hummed with pleasure and leaned into the touch, happy. “Thank you, gorgeous. That’s something coming from someone so fine and delectable.”

“That sounds wonderful. If you need me to hold something, let me know. I’ll be quiet so you can study now, Master,” he said. He really liked this man, even if he’d just met him.

Neville smiled, flattered, and looked down at his notes instead of at the sexy man kneeling for him like it was no effort at all. He didn’t know how to handle this much willingness, but it was very exciting.

“You won’t be bored?” he wondered, picking up his pen again and starting to write.

“I could never be bored staring at you, sexy.” Blaise grinned and pressed his nose to Neville’s elbow for a second, being cute and affectionate.

“I’m sorry if I’m moving too fast for you. It just doesn’t seem possible to pretend not to find you attractive and desirable and intriguing just to play hard to get. I don’t like playing those kinds of games.”

“Thank you.” Neville said, grateful for the honesty. He found it very refreshing, even if it was still talking some adjusting to.

“Don’t be sorry.” the vampire murmured, “I’m not interested in those games either. I’m glad that you’re so honest.” he praised. He was curious, really, if Blaise could sit there the entire time. He went back to studying, ready to test the waters.

Blaise smiled and nodded, “Of course, babe.”

Blaise smiled again when he was praised, and then noticed that Neville was back to studying. Putting his hands behind his back, he looked up at the other male, drinking him in. He was quiet and still, save for the swelling of his cock. He wanted the other male to be pleased with him and understand that he could be a good slave and that he was worthy of being loved by such a beautiful vampire.

Neville worked diligently for the half hour, gauging his time well and finishing just when he said he would. It impressed him that Blaise had been quiet the whole time, and that the blond looked totally enthralled... and obviously aroused.

He packed his bag with a little smile on his face, relieved to be done with cramming information in his head for tonight. “So... what would you like to do?” he wondered, hopeful. Blaise could suggest something since he had been so obedient.

Blaise smiled when Neville packed his bag, indicating he was finished studying, but he stayed silent until he was addressed by the vampire.

Looking up at him, he tilted his head. “We could get food or go to the movies. That way you can get to know me. I want you to know that I’m worthy to be your slave and that I want to make someone work with you, sexy. I hope this can become a love relationship.” He blushed but didn’t turn away or hide.

“I...” Neville was a little speechless. he stood up, shouldering his bag, and gestured for Blaise to stand and follow him. Once they were outside of the library he felt he had found his words better.

“I’m glad you’re serious. One night would be great, but this seems like it could be much more.” he said, taking Blaise’s hand in his. “I’d like to go to the movies. How did you get here?” he asked.

Blaise stood and followed. His tight pants pressed against his erection, constricting it, and he wanted to moan.

“I’m glad.” Blaise smiled when his hand was grasped in Neville’s and he bowed low, kissing the vampire’s hand. “I walked. It’s good exercise. I have to stay fit so I can get sexy men like you. Though you’re definitely all I need at the moment. Still, I will stay fit for you. Is there a theatre nearby you like, beautiful?”

“You’re very fit...” Neville observed, smiling. Actually more than he was, which he hoped wasn’t a problem. All he knew was that he wanted to have Blaise’s arms around him at some point.

“At the moment?” he teased, “There’s a theater about a block away from here. Let’s go there.” he nodded, starting to walk. He didn’t let go of Blaise’s hand.

Blaise grinned. “Thank you, gorgeous. You’re beautiful too. I like how cuddle-able you look.”

Nodding, Blaise followed. He was glad it wasn’t far because his cock was aching in its confines. “What do you want to watch? Action? Drama?” Blaise thought forward to at the theatre, and wondered if Neville would also like him kneeling there like a good pet.

“You want to cuddle me?” the vampire wondered, hopeful. He liked that idea.

“Hmm... I think there’s a couple new ones in both genres. Maybe drama.” Neville said thoughtfully, holding Blaise’s hand a little tighter as they walked. “So, why the English first name?” he asked, smiling.

Blaise nodded. “I like cuddling.”

Blaise liked how Neville held his hand tighter and he nodded at the suggestion. “That sounds good. I like most kinds of movies,” he said. “Oh, my mom wanted me to be able to work internationally if necessary. I disappointed her by not going to college though but I just don’t like to study. I like watching people study and I like students and teachers but studying myself is no fun.”

“It’s a nice name... special.” Neville said, sounding it out slowly, “Ku~rt.” he emphasized, nodding happily.

“What kind of work?” he asked, not wanting to pry too much but still very curious. He felt guilty for judging Blaise earlier, and seriously hoped that it didn’t bother the blond to be around studying and the campus.

Blaise felt his heart melt when Neville said his name that way. It was so adorable. He didn’t know what to do!

“She wanted me to be an ambassador. It’s hard work, ne?” Blaise shrugged. “I like pizza and delivering and being outside. I also wouldn’t mind finding a vampire that just wanted to take care of me and I could take care of the how and be owned by them and we could be happy and in love together, forever.” Blaise blushed and looked down at the ground. “I like things that are a service and things that let me please people so don’t feel bad at all about me watching you study. I liked it because it made you happy for me to obey. Obeying makes me happy too, beautiful.”

“Being an ambassador would be hard...” Even Neville didn’t like the idea of something that demanding. Studying to become a teacher was difficult enough.

He was intrigued by the way Blaise blushed and said those things. He didn’t think that Blaise was trying to use him, since there wasn’t any obvious sign that he had money. Maybe when the blond found out about it he would be happy, so his dream could come true.

“I think that’s a wonderful thing to want.” he murmured, “You’re sexy when you obey. And when you’re honest. I’m glad you approached me.” he said with a little bit of shyness. They reached the theater and he looked at what was playing, pointing one out that caught his interest the most. After confirming that Blaise wanted to see it too, he paid for their tickets and then they headed into the lobby.

“Oh... have you had dinner?” Neville wondered, getting flustered, “I should have thought about that. Popcorn isn’t really dinner, though they have things besides that and candy...” he said, looking at the concessions.

Blaise was surprised when Neville paid, but he also liked the gesture and he followed the vampire into the lobby.

When the vampire got so flustered, he decided to be forward and give him a tight hug. “It’s okay, Master. Food would be wonderful. Maybe they have hotteok?” Blaise looked at the options before pointing out an option for grilled and skewered chicken. He also pointed to a box of sweet rice candy with a smile. “Those sound good, ne, sexy?”

Neville melted into the hug, not wanting it to stop. There was something about those strong arms and that chest that he didn’t want to move away from. His will almost dissolved in an instant, but then the questions about food brought him back to focus.

“Okay. The chicken and the rice candy...” When it was their turn in line he ordered, and since the blond hadn’t said anything about a drink he chose a melon soda. He paid for all of this too, giving Blaise a little smile. “Theater loyalty card... might as well earn points, right?” he excused.

Blaise grinned and nodded. “Right, babe.”

He had loved the feeling of hugging the vampire and couldn’t wait for his next opportunity, but right now, there was food to be carried. Blaise put everything they’d purchased on a tray and carried it in front of him, making sure that Neville only had to deal with the tickets when they got to the stand where they were taken.

Once the was completed, they headed into the specific room and he tilted his head in askance. “Can we sit up front? Then I can kneel at your feet again. I like it. I’m sure you’ve noticed.”

“For the whole movie?” Neville asked, surprised. He started walking in that direction, though, finding good seats in the front and sitting down. He put his bag nearby and then smiled at Blaise, excited at the prospect of over an hour alone with the blond in the dark.

“I’ve noticed.” he added, taking the soda from the tray and popping the marble so he could drink from it, “You’re sexy like that...”

Blaise nodding and followed the vampire. “Yes, the whole movie. Unless you want me to not do that.”

He stood for a moment, unsure. Then he smiled. “Oh? You think I’m sexy? You’re the sexy one, babe,” he murmured and slid to the floor on his knees, spreading them. He kept the tray aloft, holding it level and tried not to shiver. He was so aroused by the prospect of serving Neville this way. “And, I want to prove I can be a good slave,” he whispered. “If you want one.”

“I’d want one in you...” Neville said honestly, “You’re very sexy.” he added. He opened the box of sweets, giving him easier access to all of the food. Grabbing one of the chicken skewers, he held it out for Blaise so he could eat a piece.

“Half the movie?” he suggested, “The other half, I’d like you up here and holding me.” he admitted.

“Oh? Thank you,” Blaise murmured, smiling.

“That can be done, sexy. It feels great to hold you close. Just know that I’ll be really aroused by that time, babe.” Blaise grinned and then opened his mouth, eating a piece of chicken. It was sexy to serve and be taken care of at the same time. His cock throbbed.

“Nothing wrong with that.” Neville smiled, a little playful. Blaise looked even more sexy when he was aroused, just like earlier in the library.

He ate a piece of chicken too, liking how it tasted. He liked watching Blaise eat, too, probably because he had an oral fixation that was a little beyond what was traditionally expected of a vampire.

They still had a little time before the movie started, and he wanted to get to know the blond better. “Do you date a lot?” he wondered, curious.

“Oh? Good.” Blaise grinned.

Blaise felt the heaviness of his balls. He was very needy and wondered how he’d manage to not climax later while holding the other male. It would be a challenge, and he spread his legs further. “Not a lot. I’m a handful, ne? Most people only concede to a one night stand with me where they fuck me until I shut up about how fine they are. I’m glad you’ll be different because you’re the most intelligent and most beautiful person I’ve approached yet, baby. I want to be yours.”

Neville was still capable of blushing, when the right thing was said. That was the right thing. He felt the heat and knew it was obvious, but he couldn’t stop his reaction to being spoken to like that.

“I like that you’re a handful. If you’re really energetic, then the quiet moments mean more, right?” he reasoned, smiling. He ate another piece of chicken and then picked out one of the rice candies from the box on the tray, holding it to Blaise’s lips.

Blaise enjoyed Neville’s blush, surprised by it. He wanted to cause that reaction again. It was beautiful and he wished he could touch his warmed cheeks.

“You do? Yes, they do.” Blaise smiled. When he was offered a piece of candy, he consumed it and then licked Neville’s fingers, being naughty. But he couldn’t help it when the vampire was so delectable. When he was everything that Blaise had ever wanted in a person: softness, strenghth, humor, dominance. That was a big reason for his raging hard-on.

“I do. I mean it.” Neville stressed. He was a bad liar and struggled to even keep secrets from people. It was difficult right then to not admit to Blaise about how much money he had, but he kept it inside for fear of Blaise not falling just for him.

He groaned softly when the blond teased his fingers, paying Blaise back a little by rubbing his fingertips against those soft lips.

Blaise smiled, melting. “What are you studying in school then? We should get to know each other really well because my heart is already swooning. Your personality is too wonderful, babe.”
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