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Title: The Scent That Lingers
Gaining Access: n/a
Author: seraphimerising
Word Count: 19935 words, complete
Alternate Links to Fic: DW
Pairing: Ron Weasley/ Pansy Parkinson
Rating: R
Author's Summary: The moment that changes everything. Warnings: Angst. Lots of plot. Frank talk of death and suicide. Not friendly towards Hermione at all. Creature fic. EWE/AR. Switching POVs
Author's Website: LJ, FFN, DW
Why everyone should read this: This is such a different but oh so interesting take on the Veela trope, it took my by surprise when I first found it. Whereas it's usually a Malfoy that turns out to be Veela, it's Pansy in this case. A decade after the war, she finally finds her mate, only for him to be Ron Weasley, who is very much married to Hermione. The author's done a great job of conveying the pain, physically as well as emotionally, Pansy goes through when she decides to reject him. And at the same time, Ron is also miserable but for other reasons.

The author has also done a splendid job of not only portraying the strong friendship between the Slytherins, including Lucius and Narcissa, as they take care of Pansy as she becomes sicker by the day, but also their cunning as they help Pansy reunite with her mate.

Fair warning; there is bashing in this story, and while I'd usually avoid those like the plague, this one is definitely worth the read.

All she could think about was sandalwood. A peaceful calm overwhelmed her. Her heart, however, began to beat faster when her mind and instincts started to tell her: this is it, this is the one, this is your mate –

Ron Weasley?

Her breath escaped her chest as she gaped at her former classmate standing in front of her. Her very married former classmate: one-third of the Golden Trio married to another third.

She stood there in shock: deaf, dumb, and mute. Pansy could see that he was saying something to her but she didn't know what it was. Her entire focus was on comprehending just how nature could be so cruel.

At least without knowing or finding her mate, her death would come slowly and peacefully. The books she had read explained that she would probably wouldn't even notice when the end was near. That one day she would just go to sleep only to never wake again.

However, now, she was forced to make the ultimate decision: actively chase a married man, a War Hero, in order to die peacefully and painlessly -or willingly walk away from him, causing her a death that not only would be sooner, but more debilitating and painful. She knew that many Veela in her shoes would keep putting forth the effort of trying to mate, simply to avoid the death that would have one begging for their sweet release months and sometimes years before it would actually come.

Taking a deep breath, Pansy closed her eyes and mentally signed her death warrant.
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Title: A Loving Cup
Author: leela_cat
Word Count: 10270
Alternate Links to Fic: Ao3
Pairing: Harry/Draco/Severus
Rating: NC-17
Author's Summary: Two years after Harry walked out on Severus and Draco, he returns and asks for Severus' help.
Author's Website: Ao3 has all her HP fic.
Why everyone should read this: This is an amazingly beautiful fic! There is angst galore, but it's the good kind of angst, if that makes sense. You can just sense how much each character hurts in this fic, like it's a real, tangible thing. And the ending wasn't something I expected either, which is always nice!
"No, it's you that doesn't understand," Harry said, using his wand to fold his clothes and levitate them into his now-battered school trunk. "I have to go. Ginny's waiting for me."

"So, the littlest Weasley swings her hips, jiggles her tits, and crooks her baby finger, and you just pack up and leave." Draco scowled from his perch on the window seat. "That tells us, now doesn't it? We're just a pair of scarred up Slytherin losers, nowhere near good enough for the pride of Gryffindor's lions."

"It's not like that."

"Tell somebody who cares." Draco tapped his fingers on the wooden backrest. Fucking Severus had a bloody nerve, confiscating his wand.

"She needs me."

And the twat had the sheer gall to have his voice break. As if he was actually sorry to be walking out on them.
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A long time ago, we used to be friends but I haven't thought of you lately at all. If ever again, a greeting I send to you, short and sweet to the soul is all I intend.


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2017 H/D Glompfest - Masterlist

Jul. 22nd, 2017 01:24 am
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This year’s HD Glompfest was small but still amazing. Thanks to all participants and, of course, to all those supporters of our work, to whom this fest is dedicated.

2017 H/D Glompfest Masterlist

Here be the FIC ...

[personal profile] articcat621 glomped [personal profile] snape_lives with The Tangled Web We Weave [T, 2K]
Summary: Nothing is as it seems, and Harry knows it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out.
Read: On LJ | On AO3

[personal profile] fantasyfiend09 glomped happyholigays with Forgetting to Pretend I Don’t Like You [PG-13, 7K]
Summary: Harry is happily pining after his Auror partner until said partner is suddenly receptive for the wrong reason.
Read: On LJ

[personal profile] bootsy_mine glomped [personal profile] adafrog with The Rite of Blood [PG-13, 26K]
Summary: Harry and friends are taken before the Wizengamot to defend their actions at the Department of Mysteries, the results are surprising and lead to new insights about the history of witches, wizards, and even a bit more about Harry himself.
Read: On LJ | On AO3

[personal profile] sassy_cissa glomped [personal profile] rainfallsdown8 with Bring Me Back to You [R, 13K]
Summary: When a very married Harry Potter discovers he has feelings for Draco Malfoy, he has some hard choices to make.
Read: On LJ | On AO3

[personal profile] bgreenwivy glomped retiredunicorn with The Future Written on Skin [PG-13, 11K]
Summary: Harry and Draco have been pen pals for years never quite getting close enough to become more until a job opportunity brings Harry to Draco.
Read: On LJ

[personal profile] sesheta66 glomped [personal profile] evening12 with The Black Retreat [PG-13, 11K]
Summary: Draco's life as an interior designer was going swimmingly until he found himself having to work with contractor Harry Potter of all people. Surprisingly, they worked well together. Which was the reason Draco had completely taken leave of his senses and asked Potter to help him build something for his mother’s birthday. Pansy's pretty sure there's more to it than meets the eye.
Read: On LJ | On AO3

Korlaena glomped [personal profile] subtlefire with Waiting For A Song [NC-17, 50K]
Summary: After a couple years spent avoiding Draco in the Auror Department, Harry gets assigned to work with Draco on one of his strange cases. They investigate the mysterious disappearances of a witch and wizard, but in their search for the missing persons they find a lot more than they were looking for.
Read: On LJ | On AO3

[personal profile] corvidae9 glomped emeraldfeather with Stalk [M, 10K]
Summary: Harry finds himself in New York, half running from London and half on assignment for the rebuilt Ministry, and finds Draco singing in a midtown pub. He could just walk away, but really, when has walking away from Malfoy ever been an option?
Read: On LJ

Here be the ART ...

[personal profile] oldenuf2nb glomped [personal profile] piratesmile331 with It All Comes Back To You [PG-13]
Summary: The title is pretty self-explanatory! Lol
View: On LJ

If you haven't had the chance to take a look at these entries, I encourage you to do so and leave some love for the authors and artist.

Until next year ~ Sesheta

Dog Days of Summer 2017

Jul. 22nd, 2017 03:53 am
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Origin: Dog Days of Summer
Link: Dog Days of Summer 2017
Type of challenge: Prompt Set
Description: This is a Remus/Sirius summer challenge community. Summer is ending for a lot of people, so why not go out with a bang. Every day there will be a prompt posted for inspiration, but you aren't required to use them. The goal is to write/draw/create and post everyday for the month of August.
Ratings restrictions: None
Length restrictions: None
Timeline: August 1 - August 31 


Jul. 21st, 2017 08:55 pm
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It looks like summer is trying to sneak by~ Sorry about that!

This is a weekly check-in! You do not have to check in, of course, but if you would like to comment on the last week, feel free!

If you have a deadline coming up, you can do it! If you need a deadline, feel free to ask!

[ SECRET POST #3852 ]

Jul. 21st, 2017 06:25 pm
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⌈ Secret Post #3852 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


More! )


Secrets Left to Post: 00 pages, 00 secrets from Secret Submission Post #551.
Secrets Not Posted: [ 0 - broken links ], [ 0 - not!secrets ], [ 0 - not!fandom ], [ 0 - too big ], [ 0 - repeat ].
Current Secret Submissions Post: here.
Suggestions, comments, and concerns should go here.
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Joanne K. Rowling – Life and Books:
• VIDEOS: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone moving illustrated digital book out Sept. 5.
• Bloomsbury releases cover art of Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition companion book. (More info here)

Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
• Dressing the Golden Trio: Us Magazine interviews costume designer Jany Temime.
• Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) visited Universal Studio Hollywood's "Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts" Show.
• Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter): (street-level) Superhero.
• Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood): theater review "Disco Pigs".
HP movies cast round-up of the week.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:
• New London cast reveals the magic of 'Cursed Child' in words and pictures.

Pottermore News
• The Ultimate Pottermore Quizzes Collection.

• The Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Edition of [community profile] firewhiskeyfic started tonight.
[personal profile] hp_drizzle posted the Fest Check-in, part 2.
[livejournal.com profile] hp_creatures posted the Claiming Post for the Halloween Creature Fest.
[livejournal.com profile] hd_erisedposted the Sign-up Forms for sign-ups of July 28.
[livejournal.com profile] snape_potter posted Join the Party! at the half-way point of the Harry Potter Birthday Party that ends July 31.
[livejournal.com profile] one_bad_man posted the Sign-up Post for the next week of reccing Lucius Malfoy and/or Severus Snape creations.

Masterlists and Weekly Round-ups:
[livejournal.com profile] wand_in_a_knot posted the Round Two: Masterlist of the Harry Potter 24 hours Porn Challenge.

Fandom Recs:
[livejournal.com profile] rosevalleynb recced a Arthur Weasley/Molly Weasley fic at the [profile] crack_broom (NC-17).
[livejournal.com profile] madeleone recced a Hermione Granger/Severus Snape fic (PG).
The Rec Center recced a Hermione Granger/Pansy Parkinson fic (PG).

• Holly wrote Did We Really Need a Map in the 20th-Anniversary “Philosopher’s Stone” Editions? (MuggleNet)

General Fandom News:
• Comic-Con San Diego Panel: Fantastic Fans and where To Find Them: Rowling Along in 2017 (Sunday, July 23, 2 - 3 pm, room 6BCF)
• MuggleNet Live! 2017: Nineteen Years Later – 15 Theme Park goals you can only complete at MuggleNet Live!
• Harry Potter Home Décor Collection coming this fall.
• Victoria reviews the Harry Potter nano metalfigs for MuggleNet.

• New Hogwarts House patches coming from Warner Bros this fall. Win a set at MuggleNet Give-away! or Win a set at the Leaky Cauldron Give-away!

[community profile] daily_snitch is looking for your recs (fic, art, podfic, meta ...) for the Special Edition: Newt Scamander.

Community Spotlight:
[community profile] firewhiskeyficHave a drink; write a masterpiece
The community to safely practice writing under the influence. Challenges take place once every 3 to 4 months. Each challenge consists of about 5 prompts centered on a common theme. All entries are due within 48 hours from the start of the round. No betas are allowed; editing and proof-reading is discouraged. Once all entries have been submitted, there is a one week period to vote in several categories. [community profile] firewhiskeyfic is based in the HP fandom but all fandoms are welcome. Writers and artists are welcome to participate!

Please send your fandom news to the Daily Snitch.

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Title: Between A Man And A Woman
Gaining Access:
Author: ragdoll
Word Count: 4723 words, complete
Alternate Links to Fic: here
Pairing: Arthur Weasley/Molly Weasley
Rating: NC-17
Author's Summary: When Molly Prewett's father doesn't approve of her choice of a husband, she is forced to take drastic measures in order to marry the man she loves.
Author's Website: LJ, DW
Why everyone should read this: I had never once thought about this pairing until I stumbled upon this fic. I'll the first the admit that when talking about hot and steamy fics, Arthur and Molly do not automatically spring to mind. Well, until this fic, that is. Aside from the smutty scenes, the author has crafted an excellent story, one that made me smile and sigh in contentment. This fic is exactly how I'd imagine Mollywobbles and Arthur were in their younger years. Go-getter Molly and the ever-hardworking and caring Arthur who's madly in love with her. It's a story about being in love and the sometimes less than ideal things we do to be with that special person when the rest of the world is against you.

Looking back on things years from now, Arthur Weasley would know exactly what had transpired that day and why. But today, he only knew that he wanted to be with the girl he loved, Molly Prewett, and Molly wanted to be with him. Of course, had someone asked him on the morning in question how he was planning on spending the day with his girlfriend — fiancée —, this would not have been his answer. He'd imagined a nice afternoon walking through the town of Hogsmeade, a romantic tea at Madam Puddifoot's, or perhaps even a quick drink at the Three Broomsticks to celebrate their engagement even though it had officially happened two months ago.

Instead, he was standing in a cold, damp alleyway just off the Hogsmeade High Street, trousers down around his ankles, robes bunched up behind him, and glasses askew, wound around Molly, who was in a similar state of disarray.

[ SECRET POST #3851 ]

Jul. 20th, 2017 07:01 pm
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⌈ Secret Post #3851 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


More! )


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Don't Mess with Meatball

Jul. 20th, 2017 09:57 am
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meatball the cat chomping grass
Meatball doing his best pirate impression.

Every morning I take Meatball out to our vegetable garden. He likes to explore and chew bits of long grass. It's a good outdoor spot for him because it's fenced; I worry without some kind of boundary he'll run off after a chipmunk and get lost (or worse).

But today, there was a rabbit in the garden--almost full grown--and he went for it. (He was not pleased with me when I hauled him back inside.)

I know some cats are more confrontational than others, but is it common for cats to chase animals as big as they are? Does your cat do this?


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